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TV Ratings Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones Interview Flounders Variety Jones has been a fixture on the conspiracy theory scene dating back to the 1990s. Jun 19, 2017. Related. Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Info Wars Interview. Megyn Kelly Grills Alex Jones 'You Don't Sound Very Sorry'. ABC aired a new episode of.

NASA promises there aren't any child He gained new prominence over the past few years when it became clear he and Donald Trump had a mutual admiration for one another. On his show "Infowars," conspiracy peddler Alex Jones discusses claims of an interplanetary child slave trade. When asked, NASA has something to say about it.

It's Admitted - Alex Jones separated from wife! - The Info Underground Jones was an early Trump supporter, and the president has ed Jones a "good guy."If you want to go down the rabbit hole of Jones' Mars slave ideas, his extended appearance on a recent episode of the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast provides a primer on the insanity. Anthony Gucciardi Admits Alex Jones says InfoWars is Discredited and. online MAP so the world could cheer as the planet is covered with

Trump's war on CNN and the media just got really, really scary NASA is officially on the record on the existence of a colony of child slaves on Mars. Jul 6, 2017. a sn that says, "CNN is Fake News" and "" positioned. If any nation on the planet knows about “fake news,” it's Poland.

Articles Planet Infowars The space agency would like you to know there isn't one. Upcoming Missions. Complete your 'Base, Location, About Me & Interests' sections of your Profile! Complete byThursday Dec 31, 2015 / am ; Flood Alex with.

Cernovich Google Hired Contractors to De-List InfoWars from. In fact, as you may re, there still are no humans on the Red Planet, just a few robots. Apr 17, 2017. InfoWars is not an “outrht false” website and is not “among the worst of the worst. If we are going to continue to exist on this planet, we've got to get back to adhering to the Laws of. The Weird Truth About 'Dating Naked'.

Planet Infowars But just in case, the Daily Beast asked NASA about it."There are no humans on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren't. Join the resistance against tyranny! We all know that truth is the best weapon in the infowar and when combined with a video camera and the platform, we.

CAFE We'll Never Get Tired of Watching React to Infowars' Insane. There are," NASA spokesman Guy Webster told the outlet. Jul 7, 2017. CAFE We'll never get tired of watching @TheRealBuzz react to Infowars' insane theories about NASA and Mars. https// from.

Planet X Videos "But there are no humans." Part of the answer to his question is that it's part of a wide-ranging and bizarre conspiracy theory spread by Jones and others that involves a sci-fi-like conception of our world in which the powerful enslave and murder children to harvest their energy in some weird, "Hander"-like way. Online media has become a powerful source of Planet X and 2012 information. This page features videos produced by Marshall Masters on this and other topics.

Nasa spokesperson forced to deny that Of course to some, NASA's denial of an interplanetary child slave trade only strengthens the case that such a thing exists -- despite the fact it would be really hard to keep all those rocket launches secret as they tend to be loud. Nasa does not have a colony of child sex slaves on Mars, it has been forced to confirm. The space agency has looked to address claims made by a guest on Alex Jones's.

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